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Technological marvel

State of the art technology. Experience like you've never had before! Limitless possibilities.

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Internet TV

Browse more than 30.000 TV channels from more than 100 countries with our Internet TV option.

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Catch-up 14 days

Rewind channels back and forth for up to 14 days!
No more missed TV shows or movies.

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4k UHD Set top box

Last-gen 4k Ultra HD set-top-box device is waiting for you!

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Voice commands

Our application enables users to control it by using voice commands.

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Gaming console

If you love playing video games, then our set-top-box device is a right choice for you.

The best set-top-box device on the market

With our set-top-box device, developed by Google with collaboration with Netflix, you will have the best streaming console, but also you will gain access to all the multimedia content of the internet!

We recommend this device to all our customers, even those with smart TVs’ at home! Apart from the most stable internet connection, there is the possibility of implementing additional apps, calling out TV channels by their name, the possibility of creating a smart home system and many more…

TV Italia live

TV Italia Live platform uses Adria Telekom TV player for the reproduction of television channels. The application is platform-wide and can be installed on almost any device there is.

TV Italia Live was made by the latest standards. Using our vast experience as well as combining multiple worldwide platforms, taking only the best features of each one, our team of programmers and specials have developed a unique and futuristic TV platform.

Enjoy television!

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